Måneskin - MAMMAMIA (Lyric Video)
Listen to MAMMAMIA here maneskinofficial.lnk.to/MAMMAMIA

Director: Rei Nadal
DOP: Lorena Pages
Production Company: Prettybird
MD/Exec. Producer: Juliette Larthe
Exec. Producer: Chris Murdoch

Creative Director: Aurora Manni
Project Manager: Leonardo Grillo
Management: EXIT Music Management
Record Label: Sony Music Italy

Service Company: Think Cattleya
Producer: Martino Benvenuti
Producer: Flaminia Maltese
Assistant Producer: Alice Cigada
1st AD: Giorgio Melidoni
2nd AD: Federica D’Alatri
AOSM: Claudia Di Luccio
Production Manager: Christian Scacco
Unit Manager: Alessandro Luceri
Production Coordinator: Silvia Barba
Production: Raffaele Losco
Production: Lorenzo Greco

Focus Puller: Silvio Bersani
Assistant Camera: Claudia Mariani
VTR: Marco Bosco
Loader: Valentina Chiarello

Art Director: Soraja Cehic
Art Director Assistant: Alice Ariano
Prop Master: Marco Marinelli
Prop Master: Pierluigi Parisi

Stylist: Nick Cerioni
Ass. Stylist: Michele Potenza
Ass. Stylist: Salvatore Pezzella
Makeup: Chantal Ciaffardini
Hair Stylist: Marco Steri
Hairdresser: Adelaide Fiani
Makeup (Extras): Paola Sgreò & Federica Pettirossi
Costume Designer (Extras): Giorgia Maggi & Mara Amorosi
Photographer: Ilaria Ieie
Photographer’s Assistant: Fabio Germinario
Video Maker: Giacomo Gianfelici
Service: Panalight

Edit: Amber Saunders
Post Producer: Harriet Cawley at Zed
Colour: Ruth Wardell
Colour Producer: Holly Tidwell at Okay Studio
Sound Designer: Circuit Recordings

  • Ravenblood

    POV: You're on the kinky good soup side of youtube

  • spring9flower

    this one is better than the official I love it!

  • Belle

    "give me a command and I'll do what you ask cause my favorite music's your ah-ah" can we take a moment to talk about and appreciate how this song is literally just Damiano's Tinder profile bio for all the "straight" boys out there that definitely feel a little bit more "bent" after knowing he exists. I can't even imagine how many guys' sexual awakening is credited to him😅😂

  • no face
    no face

    *song starts playing* me, listening to first verse: 🤘😌😍 me, listening to the chorus: 😳🥵 that... got sexual way too quickly

  • jasser X
    jasser X

    I love you guys 🇭🇷🇮🇹

  • Nikola Tulula
    Nikola Tulula

    adoro questa canzone

  • Antonella Tenca
    Antonella Tenca

    Siete strafighi! Bravissimi!

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Policija je sve presnimila danas moje radnje nadam se da neću ugroziti vaše zdravlje🐦💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💟i am skerhoču da pišem što mi je volja nikog ne vređam!bar ne na ITpinu to radim kad sa branim od tuđih uvreda😱🌈🐦💗💟💙💜💚🌈🌃☮️

  • María Dolores Díaz Aranda
    María Dolores Díaz Aranda

    Demasiado buenos. I love 💕

  • Gea Kelly
    Gea Kelly


  • Aset Tait
    Aset Tait

    Афигеть, ну это очень высоко

  • MonaMona

    Cause I'm Italiaaaaanoooo😍🇮🇹😍 😄👍

  • -bluesong

    ci sono piú non italiani che italiani nella sezione commenti JWHEUAHSHS

  • Kimosabe


  • The Diamond Trophy
    The Diamond Trophy

    me:listening to the music and not the song brain:this is illegal

  • Ogryzek Zgryzek
    Ogryzek Zgryzek


  • Ogryzek Zgryzek
    Ogryzek Zgryzek


  • Bloodlines

    This fake "rebels" are supporting mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports. They are on the side of the Gov and Big Pharma. They compared the no vax/Green Pass protesters to the flat earthers.... In Italy you can't work/study/travel without Green Pass! Boycott these parasites

  • Mariangela Ciriolo
    Mariangela Ciriolo

    Questa canzone ha le stesse note di "i wanna be your slave"

  • Aurora Sardo
    Aurora Sardo

    A always listen to it😃

  • Maximo Ortiz
    Maximo Ortiz

    alto tema amigo ajjajajajajajjajaja

  • glyn lewis
    glyn lewis

    i wish i was 18 so i can go to mane skin festival it is a long way to go

  • visita Lago
    visita Lago

    Simpatica...ma devono uscire presto dal filone pulp fiction lgbt, troppo scontato e ripetuto. Rischiano di venire etichettati e finire nel dimenticatotio

  • Sheen L
    Sheen L

    Listening to this at 2am

  • miniczu1212

    ajlow italoooooooooooo

  • Valeria Aiosa
    Valeria Aiosa

    Bellissimo bravi

  • Samir Benabdelaziz
    Samir Benabdelaziz

    i'm stucking in this song

  • Giulia Passini
    Giulia Passini


  • jb youngfr
    jb youngfr

    Great! Greetings from Paris, France.

  • Nor Rosenstand
    Nor Rosenstand

    Wow ost the best!!

  • Desirèe Guerrisi
    Desirèe Guerrisi

    Vi amo.

  • Marta Vodenicharova
    Marta Vodenicharova

    A little bit shocking, ma... TROPPO FORTE!:)

  • Đurđina

    Casue im italianooooo

  • AUTOFAGIA trupa
    AUTOFAGIA trupa

    Finally, good humour. Thomas at his best.

  • claud matterazzo
    claud matterazzo

    MUSICA ITALY. itpin.info/cold/zNvV1q-xzHazp3A/video itpin.info/cold/19jQzsjXu4V6o2w/video itpin.info/cold/mNWn2Juvsntvg3A/video itpin.info/cold/l7LJ27_UzZ6QZYE/video itpin.info/cold/ya2S1Niy26RqlHA/video itpin.info/cold/m7DIpbbMwImvo5s/video itpin.info/cold/sZXR06yTzqh_gmw/video itpin.info/cold/m6bF07HRyWiOqac/video itpin.info/cold/sM2putbeyKKjqqc/video itpin.info/cold/xtmzk9SurZKHnoE/video itpin.info/cold/uJGZptHT25qwhq8/video itpin.info/cold/1c3Ctrybs4KNhpE/video itpin.info/cold/p8y5ydPYrZ2pn4k/video itpin.info/cold/k7XZ0t6cqmKEa4k/video itpin.info/cold/ytDHt9rRy3iBf5s/video itpin.info/cold/ppTNu8-t4KaDpHk/video itpin.info/cold/kLDPtN7MzpOBd2w/video itpin.info/cold/t7jF3LKfm2aqo4E/video itpin.info/cold/06yats7Y1WGwbac/video itpin.info/cold/1NXV1c_XzXKGZY0/video itpin.info/cold/vNHTpL3Pu3KEnH0/video itpin.info/cold/zLaTup7UmHaoZo0/video itpin.info/cold/lcnUucWf0p-zg4E/video itpin.info/cold/0JPOyL-fsaZpn4E/video itpin.info/cold/tNHb1NCqxZeIiq8/video itpin.info/cold/0MewqMyrm6eig40/video itpin.info/cold/0JPOyL-fsaZpn4E/video itpin.info/cold/08za2MytzIOupZE/video itpin.info/cold/uavV08Wp0oCseYk/video itpin.info/cold/k5KR1eDPnKajqok/video itpin.info/cold/vLGXs8zWmGlphY0/video itpin.info/cold/3diRtZe9rpObq40/video itpin.info/cold/1cKrqcWrzKmgeZ8/video itpin.info/cold/rczHrJ2TrYRyrqM/video itpin.info/cold/utHO1qmpx32yoJ8/video itpin.info/cold/zbixq6e6sqlwfZE/video itpin.info/cold/0NWxvLfbsKuxa2g/video itpin.info/cold/vNbVrLvguYeFl6c/video itpin.info/cold/sdDSrdHdmpKzo3A/video itpin.info/cold/s9TIzrjf3ZWvj3k/video itpin.info/cold/x7KY0NSy0KKRhJ8/video itpin.info/cold/r5mRo8XU2GqGe6M/video itpin.info/cold/mpezw9Kz3H6era8/video itpin.info/cold/rrHF0Lyx3ahxeqs/video itpin.info/cold/m8PLzNWvsJKagY0/video itpin.info/cold/vbLA0r3RtJONbJE/video itpin.info/cold/ucLAr6q5yGaFrX0/video itpin.info/cold/m6uzj-Ddq6CJaqs/video itpin.info/cold/18S2vKqatpx7gqs/video itpin.info/cold/r7HYxJfRq4WMqWw/video itpin.info/cold/sbmmj8e6r3qAaGg/video itpin.info/cold/1a61yLOYnqh6m3A/video itpin.info/cold/trTUsrqxmpOMdpE/video itpin.info/cold/k7HTxqeYzX2ahJs/video itpin.info/cold/18Ws0M3AqoaioI0/video itpin.info/cold/sqnQmKfa0mFsbI0/video itpin.info/cold/15nZlZeZtmN_aYU/video itpin.info/cold/08yvwae2vqpxiX0/video itpin.info/cold/r8-wsdeb3mOteIE/video itpin.info/cold/lLrNt7SomF6hZa8/video itpin.info/cold/k6exwajTq6eGrZs/video itpin.info/cold/k8DYlp-f1n6zn6c/video itpin.info/cold/267Jlq2Yq3SQmX0/video itpin.info/cold/0NCt2b_a22Rqj4k/video itpin.info/cold/2ZaWyZ2atZpxpqs/video itpin.info/cold/t8-UtrbOm4ichIk/video itpin.info/cold/1LqUsbia3nNrrXA/video itpin.info/cold/vNnE1tHN0ouqpq8/video itpin.info/cold/qrfP2NCZzqGCoq8/video itpin.info/cold/2JeusM2prqJyhHA/video itpin.info/cold/zqO1ta60sGWHrWw/video itpin.info/cold/15GwpMmauaF6hYk/video itpin.info/cold/psTU2LXAu6ihen0/video itpin.info/cold/09G6p9fR24OYd58/video itpin.info/cold/vJiildqptXqxi6s/video itpin.info/cold/x6yar5PKuGqQbKc/video itpin.info/cold/lrXAp9Tbp6VmoYk/video itpin.info/cold/lsKjt5bcz2NuqJE/video itpin.info/cold/ssnEtLfenKRmnn0/video itpin.info/cold/sbu7j8m_wJSFgI0/video itpin.info/cold/ptvMtL_NwH6MhWw/video itpin.info/cold/tsK5yt-YqZyNeIU/video itpin.info/cold/2qipld-TuaCejmg/video itpin.info/cold/urGq16yWk5avrac/video itpin.info/cold/xZOYk7OcqHezp6c/video itpin.info/cold/uNrFk5O-l2GCrKs/video itpin.info/cold/qJbCms2TwJOyqJs/video itpin.info/cold/uK3TlbGsyZiPo4E/video itpin.info/cold/yaa5u7yvymGbnYU/video itpin.info/cold/t8bCz9KvuGKBbIE/video itpin.info/cold/pMu6w7XMzJ6SZa8/video... itpin.info/cold/1NiiqdKeyZSFenA/video... itpin.info/cold/zZTSsJOn1aCkmI0/video... itpin.info/cold/0pmkp9S50oOGanA/video... itpin.info/cold/0dXLx9qcsmWBbX0/video... itpin.info/cold/qqO3prmsnGqGbK8/video... itpin.info/cold/nLPQ17iy2pV6oo0/video... itpin.info/cold/t6zJsr6bl3KSm5s/video... itpin.info/cold/vZTOptvJxYmHqY0/video itpin.info/cold/nJLUqMzXyqWPmpE/video itpin.info/cold/15bK3Jq624ioqXk/video itpin.info/cold/pNvVzLeqr5psiK8/video itpin.info/cold/0reosse2rYdun4k/video itpin.info/cold/nMOUtbPTz52ymK8/video itpin.info/cold/uci20Zewrn5meYk/video itpin.info/cold/lqKixrHSl4aSj6s/video itpin.info/cold/nJipr9W01Hiqe30/video Ciao VISIT social network,clik i like thanks facebook.com/groups/1530757893724135 facebook.com/groups/279446606321095/ facebook.com/groups/362615580995573/ facebook.com/groups/1530757893724135/ facebook.com/groups/502590503480461/ facebook.com/groups/1216457548484148 facebook.com/groups/155701775105425/ facebook.com/groups/349768678919638/ facebook.com/groups/377933519614621/ itpin.info/cold/ssPOppO3qHKGa4U/video itpin.info/cold/trKqmc27rIGDn3k/video itpin.info/cold/mcmlzMCuuZSTpYE/video itpin.info/cold/uqym2sCn036id2w/video itpin.info/cold/lbrQl9u2s4p9pnA/video

  • Pietro Pasquale Pagano
    Pietro Pasquale Pagano

    se continuano con queste canzonette finiranno presto per fortuna

  • Limaシ

    I'm inlove 😭♥️

  • Giorgio

    Much better this video than the Official bloody one! The karaoke car sounds much more realistic and cool than the pulp fiction version of the official video released 2 days ago (kind of déjà vû). It's of course a matter of personal tast, but I've found this video iconic.

  • Лана Громова
    Лана Громова

    Демоны здесь..

  • Maria Taner
    Maria Taner

    im surprised when i saw this and thought this would be an abba cover

  • Laura Colasante
    Laura Colasante


  • aylaa 1234
    aylaa 1234


  • Francesco Moncalvo
    Francesco Moncalvo

    Eravate un mito per i miei figli dopo questi video non vogliono neanche più ascoltarvi…non avevate bisogno di un video così..non serviva

  • Ina Zecevic
    Ina Zecevic

    I am obsessed with this guys help

  • Stefany hargreeves
    Stefany hargreeves

    C les reza 🛐

  • PythonProgrammi

    is this the prequel or the sequel to the real video?

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Moje kćer se igraju glasna je malo muzika zato mi smeta glazba hoću mir

  • Мирослава Шевченко
    Мирослава Шевченко


  • ゆいな(‎‎覚醒したい(  ・᷄-・᷅))
    ゆいな(‎‎覚醒したい( ・᷄-・᷅))


  • Fã da Camila Cabello
    Fã da Camila Cabello

    Meu Deus 😳😳😳😳❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself

    For me Maneskin is Gen Z in all its glory

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself

    Can we talk about how the driver didn't have a single sip of alcohol?? Maneskin teaching us to be responsible even when having fun👏👏👏

  • Madeleine Trahan
    Madeleine Trahan

    i loved when ethan put on lipgloss for vic ;)

  • Rivers Family Videos SecondLife
    Rivers Family Videos SecondLife

    I LOVE IT!!

  • PAOLA Salvagno
    PAOLA Salvagno

    Vi prego, tornate in voi!!! Questo pezzo non è degno....

  • José

    This band is amazing!!!! :)

  • Mariana Martinez
    Mariana Martinez

    Me dió risa fue un todos contra Damiano 😂😂


    w t f

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Sos evribadi☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️🫂🫂🫂🫂🌈🌈🌈🌈💟💟💟💟💗💟💚

  • hahatoldyouso

    I've started learning Italian because of these guys

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Im Croatia 🐦💗 from zsuzsanna Mijatović end Nikola Boras ali Ned help!!!!!!!!!!

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Grupa Kristina Miramare restoran Miramare amorina uno need you!!!!!!!!!!!your help pliz ☮️☮️ ☮️☮️☮️ Croatia Vrsar

    • Plava ptica
      Plava ptica


  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica


  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    I am a trebie but i am not crazy!!!!!!!!help sos sos sos sos sos sos hungary Italia Croatia. Every country!!!!!!!pliz pliz pliz

  • Giovanni Fina
    Giovanni Fina

    I'm stuck in this masterpiece from 72 hours since the day one

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Peace mir ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️ help us

  • Plava ptica
    Plava ptica

    Help chidren i am tired help sos zsuzsanna Mijatović Gradište Nikola Boras end evribadi🌈🫂💟🌹💙💜🌈Nikola Boras from Dubrovnikaend evribadi end mi 💜💙🌹💟🫂😓🌈

  • Skorpion07

    very nice

  • Gianmatteo Cavallari
    Gianmatteo Cavallari

    Maneskin braviii causa italiano

  • ꧁✌︎︎𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕜𝕚𝕚✌︎︎꧂

    Ich glaube die 80 Jahre kommt wieder 😂😂😂😂

  • David M
    David M

    My ah ah 😮

  • Colin Brosseau
    Colin Brosseau

    I would not use a car with a mirror installed that way...

  • TheSassi42

    Die Musik und das Video sind absolut genial.

  • Emil Seva
    Emil Seva

    Quanto sono belli tutti?

  • gijs klanker
    gijs klanker

    this is pure cancer. what a trash song

    • Nightking

      Trash are stereotypes!

    • Filip Sjögren
      Filip Sjögren


  • Marcello Cacace
    Marcello Cacace


  • Marcello Cacace
    Marcello Cacace

    Mamma miaaaa mamma miaa ah

  • Marcello Cacace
    Marcello Cacace

    Raga io vi adorooo!!! Rock e rollll🖕🏽

  • Django Iozzi
    Django Iozzi

    Ancora un paio di anni, poi nessuno si ricordera' di loro...

    • Deborah C
      Deborah C

      O diventeranno superstar

  • alexside

    Victoria Is So Beautiful❤😫

  • Eden

    Sold your souls to Devil! All for money and fame...

    • Filip Sjögren
      Filip Sjögren

      God hates me

  • Luca Bernardino
    Luca Bernardino

    Non ho ancora capito perché non è ancora nelle tendenze di youtube

  • birader sen hayırdğr
    birader sen hayırdğr

    youre so hot beacuse youre so hot Italiano

  • Yaoistka ;-;
    Yaoistka ;-;

    OH mamma mamma mia 😩🔥

  • Taeyong Lee
    Taeyong Lee


  • Taeyong Lee
    Taeyong Lee


  • Magda

    I voted for them for the MTVEuropian Music Awards. They are nominated for best rock, best group and best italian act. Go vote

    • Magda

      @Joanna I like all their songs, in italian and in english. I don't care what language they use

    • Joanna

      I hope they won't stop doing Italian songs😭

  • Theresa Lackner
    Theresa Lackner

    I'm so obsessed with Ethans drum beats at 0:19 and 1:20🤯😍😍😍

  • Camila Balanza Imaca
    Camila Balanza Imaca

    I wanna be your slave 2.0

  • Михаил Карепов
    Михаил Карепов

    Просто класс вы топ!!!!!

  • 🃏•𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙭•𝙘𝙝𝙭𝙣•🎨

    Måneskin Måneski Månesk Månes Måne Mån Må M Må Mån Måne Månes Månesk Måneski Måneskin

  • Jetstream Kel メ
    Jetstream Kel メ

    Bro maneskin album about family problem next a.s.a.p

  • Lory Pristavec
    Lory Pristavec

    Cause I’m italianooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Vân Vi
    Vân Vi


  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter

    I Wanna Be Your Slave Part 2? Next you do I Wanna Be Your Slave Part 3 and after I Wanna Be Your Slave Part 4 Måneskin is history.